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                               You can expect dynamic and engaging classes to enhance your ministry

Courses Offered

West-side Bible Institute 


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*Our classes are year-round and are available on-demand, with a few exceptions. We are studying and growing in God's Word and wisdom, and serving the needs of our communities through valuable life application.

* Students can attempt as many courses as they can effectively complete. 

*Maybe you just want to gain more knowledge within our college and research community. You are welcome to join us for a reasonable fee to cover each class. 

Costs for each class are listed with the course description 

*West-side Bible Institute focuses primarily on outreach and the training of leaders to be more effective in their community outreach endeavors. 

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Programs offered this Academic Year:

Certificate: A combination of any 4 courses without a service project.

Christian Life Coaching Certificate-10 hour Course

*Associate's & Bachelor's Degrees in Religious and Christian Education with a Specialty in

Minority Population Outreach/African Biblical History  

Certificate, Associate's and Bachelor's degree in Biblical Counseling and Biblical Life Coaching

*Associates Degree Requirements: 30 credit hours or 6 courses and 30 hours worth of proven service projects.

*Bachelor's Degree Requirements: 60 credit hours or 12 courses and 60 hours worth of proven service projects.

*Master's Degree Requirements: 90 credit hours or 18 courses (combined-only an additional 6 courses required, if you already have a Westside Bible Institute Bachelor's degree and an additional 8 courses for any other Bible college degree) and 75 hours worth of proven service projects that runs concurrently with class attendance.

Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks and all necessary class materials, as outlined in class instructions 

                      Program Offerings


-Public Speaking-Certificate

-Biblical Counseling-Certificate, Bachelor's & Master's


-Pastoral Counseling-Certificate

-Church History & Biblical History- (including Africa's Biblical History)-Certificate

-Christian Spirituality and the Black Experience (Africans in the diaspora)-Parts I to III-Certificate (as well as a prerequisite for all students of Westside Bible Institute) 

-Christian Social Service/Biblical Outreach-Certificate to Master's

-Christian Education & Theology-Certificate to Master's



*Courses are six to twelve weeks in duration unless otherwise specified)


*All Certificate Classes (a combination of 3 classes/courses are required) $69.99 per class 


(49.99 for a single class or course with no interest in pursuing a certificate or degree program. A certificate of completion will be awarded once the class or course is completed) 


Associates and Bachelors are $59.99 per class

Master's level classes are $79.99 per class

*Prerequisite for all certificate or degree programs- a high school diploma or GED or higher.


*Life Coaching Program (10-hour Course-$129.99)

*No Prerequisite

*Substance Abuse Education (CEUs)  & Supervision-Please

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                        Our Instructors/Professors

*Dr. Ada Crosby - (Profile coming soon)

Sonya Kearney, MS- (Profile coming soon)

Clarence Johnson, III, BRE (Profile coming soon)

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