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All students must complete a Westside Bible Institute Application and have a minimum of a high school diploma, GED or higher if they plan to pursue any of the degree programs. Please fill out the College/Seminary Application found under the Application button on this page. 

*You can register for a single class/course by filling out the contact form. You can pay for the course through the donate now Paypal button at the bottom of the page. No refunds once you have signed up for the class/course. A certificate of completion will be given once you have completed all required class/course assignments. Please indicate how you want your name to appear on the certificate. Please make sure your name is spelled correctly.

Westside Bible Institute is an outreach-driven institution, so a practicum is required after the first semester. Students should either have an outreach ministry that they are currently involved with or be willing to develop or establish one that they can participate in, while enrolled in the program. Practicums must be community-based and human service's driven.

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